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Welcome to Service with Passion, the concierge service that leaves nothing to be desired. We combine the highest luxury and cordiality in perfect symbiosis. With us YOU have the highest priority.

CEO Murat Cetin is the founder, visionary but above all the heart of our company, because of his great sense of hospitality and his many years of experience in the luxury segment of the gastronomy industry, he knows like no other how to fulfill all your wishes before you can even imagine them:

“Ever since I grew up in Turkish culture as a child, I have known how wonderful it is to receive guests.

It was always special for me when we had guests at home.

Inspired by this friendliness and hospitality, I started my career in great hotels and restaurants around the world.

I traveled the globe and was inspired by the most extraordinary resorts and hotels.

I learned from great mentors and served wonderful celebrities, politicians and businessmen.

Today, I am in the fortunate position of starting my own business.

When I was teaching my colleagues in the hospitality industry, I always told them that if you want to make it in this type of work, you always have to have heart and passion for service!

Service is something beautiful and special. It has to come straight from the soul and be warm and genuine.

Service with passion became my inspiration for my career.

I am very happy to share my way of hospitality with you and support you with all my knowledge.

Thank you very much.”

Yours sincerely

Murat Cetin


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Service with Passion is the right choice for anyone who wants their staff, or of course themselves, trained in the art of excellent service. We place the highest value on a very personal, discreet, quietly unobtrusive demeanor and absolute privacy and work with companies and individuals from a number of different industries, including hospitality in Mallorca, as well as international corporations throughout Europe alike.

Our approach is that excellence in customer service is much more than a friendly smile on the lips. It is the passion and vision for personal yet highly discreet appearances, recognizing approachability without being intrusive, and sensing the hidden details that exist in customers’ daily lives. The goal of our highly professional training is not just to present a template-like, generic training, but to work out each participant’s hidden potential on a very individual basis so that they can use their talents and passion for providing approachability, quality, total discretion and distinction in all elements of customer service. This will be an exciting journey tailored to your company’s needs while significantly improving the aptitude and enthusiasm of your employees, or yourself.

Feel free to contact us for a customized training program in Mallorca, but also throughout Europe!


  • Service with Passion

We make the invisible visible for you!

You have put your heart and soul into founding your own customer-oriented company, are completely absorbed in your profession at the highest level and always strive for the highest standards and the best customer experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because even if you try to look at your own restaurant, bakery or hotel as objectively as possible, there are always so-called “blind spots” developing that you simply don’t notice yourself. We help you with our offer of mystery shopping to start exactly here, to uncover these “blindspots” at the highest level and to optimize your company together with you.

How exactly does it work?

Our trained experts discreetly and consciously test the experience in your company. Based on a catalog of criteria that has been individually optimized in advance with you, the quality of the respective service is tested in a hidden way. Mystery Shopping thus serves as a valid instrument for testing the quality standards of your company, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening loyalty to your own company, which in the long run will also result in a significantly higher turnover. To ensure the impartiality of your employees, of course no one on duty will be informed about the upcoming mystery shopping. This guarantees a normal working environment and makes the Mystery Shopping a complete success!

If desired, we also offer high-class trainings for your employees after the Mystery Shopping, in order to evaluate the points noticed during the Shopping, to directly implement the newly gained know-how and thus optimize your company!

For all your questions and details concerning Mystery Shopping, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to optimizing your company together with you!


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Headquartered in Mallorca, our concierge service represents the highest level of personal commitment, discretion and luxury. Because for us, true luxury is places of refinement and spaces to breathe easy. For this reason, we have created the perfect oases for you to unwind, where you do not have to worry about anything and are pampered at the highest level and with the utmost discretion. We make sure that you do not have to worry about anything. With us, personal attention is paramount, and we know how to blend in with your surroundings. We offer breathtaking villas and fincas with a concierge – service, which is on the highest luxury level and takes care of all your wishes, knows the area very well and of course mediates between different languages for you. Through our individually tailored package we create for you an environment in which you can concentrate only on yourself and enjoy pure relaxation, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Our offer

Do you have any questions? Would you like to have your individual package created? Contact us today!


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Your luxury property is a valuable asset that requires equally first-class services. Or would you have your Ferrari washed at the local car wash? Probably not. We from Service with Passion know the unique requirements of high-end properties in Mallorca and all over Europe! We maintain the most exclusive and exceptional standard of service for you and know what is important to you even before you tell us. By designing a completely individual concept for each property and having a special feeling for each house and its history, we will exceed your expectations. Our management knows how to have a very personal advisor at your constant disposal, who will perfectly manage the team for your property and will know how to satisfy all your requests without you having to make them. Also in the field of maintenance, we work only with the most prestigious and best service providers, who work around the clock and of course with the utmost discretion for your well-being. And even if you are not on site for a longer period of time, you can be sure that your home is in the very best hands with our Estate and Property Management in Mallorca and everywhere in Europe, waiting for your next stay in the highest perfection!

Contact us today to hire the best and most luxurious estate and property management service in Mallorca and throughout Europe!


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If you want to optimize, develop and create new potential for your hotel, restaurant or service in Mallorca and throughout Europe, then Service with Passion is the right place for you. With their impeccable training, excellent expertise and many years of experience, our experts can help you in a targeted manner and catapult your business to the next level of success with momentum and concentrated competence. We help you by taking a close and objective look at your business situation and identifying your strengths as well as the expandable potential of your business, which you may not have been able to perceive from the inside. It is often impossible to notice all the “problems” when you yourself are so deeply rooted in what is going on – sometimes it simply helps to have an understanding view of our professionals from the outside, who will then work with you to develop a solution plan tailored to your individual needs, which will be executed precisely in your interests and with the active support of our unique experts, and will certainly help you to achieve an even more flourishing company with the highest customer satisfaction. We, Service with Passion, are more than just consultants. We know exactly what challenges you are facing and where you need to make improvements, and we will never leave you alone. We at Service with Passion are doers on the spot and help you competently and flexibly through the time of change.

Do not hesitate and contact Service with Passion today! Together we will bring your company to the highest level of success!


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Our heart beats on and for Mallorca, but of course also far beyond the “most beautiful island in the world”. As an experienced event management agency in the luxury sector, we design highly professional and creative experiences with you on site in Mallorca and internationally throughout Europe, which your participants will remember for a long time. We believe that the direct experience of perfectly organized events evokes real emotions and enthusiasm – because unique moments inspire people, are retold and associated with a wonderful feeling. Our experts work at the highest level and create the event of your dreams together with you. We accompany you competently and confidently from the first thought to the last post-processing line. We use our individual and precise communication tools, relationships in the best circles and professionalism in all phases of the event. This will ensure that your luxury event is a complete success and that the “messages” you want to convey are spread in a sustainable manner. We also work only with the best and most prestigious service providers that the respective industry has to offer. Therefore, we can offer you everything your heart desires, from the most wonderful locations to the finest caterers and the most professional stage builders! Service with Passion’s mission is to create unforgettable experiences that will be associated with your company and have an impact far beyond the moment. Namely, where they have the strongest intensity – closely to the people!

We have aroused your interest, or do you have any questions about event management? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!



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