Staff Training in Hospitality

Service with Passion is the right choice for anyone who wants their staff, or of course, themselves, trained in the art of excellent service.

We place the highest value on a very personal, discreet, quietly unobtrusive demeanor and absolute privacy and work with companies and individuals from a number of different industries, including hospitality in Mallorca, as well as international corporations throughout Europe alike.

Our approach is that excellence in customer service is much more than a friendly smile on the lips.

It is the passion and vision for personal yet highly discreet appearances, recognizing approachability without being intrusive, and sensing the hidden details that exist in customers‘ daily lives.

The goal of our highly professional training is not just to present a template-like, generic training but to work out each participant’s hidden potential on a very individual basis so that they can use their talents and passion for providing approachability, quality, total discretion and distinction in all elements of customer service.

This will be an exciting journey tailored to your company’s needs while significantly improving the aptitude and enthusiasm of your employees, or yourself.

Feel free to contact us for a customized training program in Mallorca, but alsothroughout Europe!